Johnny Depp’s Movies: New Alice in Wonderland Trailer Out and Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus in Theaters!!!!

The excitement is rising…. the temperature is rising…. our heart-rates are rising… The new trailer is out and it looks amazing!! Alice in Wonderland is going to be fan****ingtastic!!! Tim Burton looks to have outdone himself again and team Depp/Burton is scoring again!!!

How Johnny does that, pushing himself and stretching his interests and abilities over and over again.. And he doesn’t disappoint. Guess we are going to hear a lot of crap about this movie from the nay sayers.. but WGAF? I don’t..
It’s going to most definitely be a Depptastic year!!! Should have at least three new films out including Rum Diary!!! We are going to be floating all year..
Thanks Johnny for all the hard work!!!

And now…. on to next movie!!!!

Read a review today on The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and how this one reader/watcher(lol) Thought that even though Heath shines in what he is in.. Johnny’s adaptation of the character is so amazing. Here is a small quote from the article

Of the three actors replacing Ledger thrice Oscar nominated Johnny Depp provides the most inspired performance. He was close to Ledger in real life and they both were intrigued by unusual screenplays such as Depp’s “Ed Wood” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” In the opening sequences of “Imaginarium” one expects to see Depp jump from the gypsy caravan at any time. He is clearly in his element playing the gifted, mystical and yet thoroughly grounded Tony.

Read more:

What Terry Gilliam thought was going to be another movie that 1. wouldn’t get completed 2. would tank has turned out to be a fascinating and captivating film and hopefully what everyone affiliated with the movie hoped it would be.. a tribute to Heath Ledger. The movie wasn’t started with such a labor of love but after Heaths death it certainly became one with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell taking over the same part. Never mind that Gilliam had to re-write the script to allow such a change to happen seamlessly. Which according to guy Ron Wilkinson believes it really did. I will go see the movie this weekend, had to really search for it in the theaters, it’s not in a lot of them.. so you may have to drive to another movie theater to see it. One of the most amazing things I have heard is that Johnny flew in for one day to do everything in the film that he does.. WOW!! Apparently Jude and Colin were able to complete theirs in record time also..


~ by inadepptrance on January 6, 2010.

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