Overkill on Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie Story- Ya Think?

I don’t know about anyone else but a story that was probably started in someones head on the internet has been saturated beyond belief now. I get Google Alerts all day everyday if a story about Johnny pops up and the last 3 days OMG! It has been a non stop deluge of stories about sex scenes or should I say “possible” sex scenes that “may” happen between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie IF the rumors are true about them both doing the movie The Tourist which apparently has had serious issues with getting off the ground. So really the likelihood of this actually being true…. probably “slim and none”.
Johnny Depp at Tim Burton MoMA Exhibit

First of all Johnny has so many projects lined up squeezing another in is almost impossible.. Second… I may be in the minority but I just can’t see and don’t really want to see a pairing of Johnny and Jolie. Johnny being one of the most non public people (meaning he doesn’t like the attention would rather be just treated like everyone else) thinking about doing a film with someone that seems to want to be the center of attention and drags her children in it too is just weird… I think..
The news wire on the internet is like a huge regurgitating monster!! I think anyone can start anything.. rumor wise and within a 5 hour period it will start to multiply worse then rabbits and pretty soon it’s all you can hear about someone!! 2 days ago a small “rumor” started about Jolie and Depp signing up for this movie… today.. it’s the only google alert out there!!! So far I have not read anything that denies or confirms by Depp’s camp.. I for one.. no matter that I am always happy to see him on the big screen… don’t want this to come to fruition… at least not with Angelina Jolie…. Maybe Vanessa could do it… ?? Just a thought……………….
Most amazing thing.. I just saw on MSN.com that they too are buying into what is up to this point.. still a rumor.. Nothing has been verified by the Depp camp. The she said he said mentality just doesn’t fly if you are supposed to be reporting the “news”.


~ by inadepptrance on November 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “Overkill on Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie Story- Ya Think?”

  1. I have also been hoping this is just a rumor as Jolie is about as overreated as you can get. Plus, just what Johnny wants – to be surrounded by the media circus which forever envelopes her and Pitt. But this entire story smacks of little more than wild speculation and gossip. Pity that more “news” outlets fail to check any reliable or confirmed sources.

  2. so these rumors about jhonny and jolie getting together as in relaionship think its true or not get back to me please

    • No I actually don’t believe for a second that the trash that the Tabloids send out is true. Maybe the only reason Johnny took this gig was to get some of the paprazzi off of him!
      And Graham King.

      I am sure though his performance will be top notch as it always is.

  3. his soooooooooooo hot

  4. i love johnny depp so much

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