Well So Far People Magazine Has Been Right Twice!!

People Cover
There is so much more to a man being “sexy” then the way he looks. A truly sexy man has more layers and more qualities other then being gorgeous. Some of them all they have to do it open their mouth and sexy leaves the room!! Not sure why People Magazine has such a bad track record on the Sexiest Man Alive issue.. They have only been right twice so far as long as they have been doing it.
Johnny Depp has been chosen this year to make him one of three that have been chosen twice… Now the question is… WHY WHY WHY were the other two chosen twice before Johnny? Are they basically oblivious? I mean I really like George Clooney.. he’s great, Brad Pitt.. yeah.. very nice… But JOHNNY is the WHOLE package.. totally.. He is a sweet, humble, talented, gracious, loving, family man, smart, AND funny. And to top it all off.. ain’t too bad to look at either which is just a cherry on top..
Johnny at Tim Burton Event MoMA
To a “few” of us.. Johnny has been #1 for a very very long time.. and doesn’t appear that it is going to change…. ever…

Just one girls opinion…… hahaha!!!


~ by inadepptrance on November 19, 2009.

One Response to “Well So Far People Magazine Has Been Right Twice!!”

  1. yeah johnny depp. is the coolest man alive..
    i mean brad pitt, george clooney, nicholas cage,leonardo decaprio still sexy.. and cool but the thing is JOHNNY DEPP “CAN” while brad pitt+george clooney+ nicholas cage+leonardo decaprio. “cant”.

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