Everyone Needs a Friend Like Johnny Depp

Johnny Helena and Tim
Johnny at MoMA event
I really believe that friends are very special and meant to be treasured and loved. Johnny Depp does it in this flaky “throw away” world we seem to be living in. While most change friends, wives, and husbands as fast as you change your underwear.. easily discarding people like yesterdays garbage, Johnny still has his best friends that he has known since he was about 12!! He still is tight with them, he brings them into his projects, which all in all I think he does so he can spend time with them more then anything else.
Entrance to MoMA event
Tim Burton is one of his best friends and Johnny and Tim’s wife Helena co-chaired an event in New York City last night at the Museum of Modern Art where they are displaying all the incredible creations that come out of Tim’s brain. Now that one is a brain you could most definitely get lost in.. and it might be scary.
But the man is pure genius, and the team of Depp-Burton has created some of the most memorable characters in the film industry. The really cool thing is it looks like this exhibit shows the beginning stages of all of their collaborations.

Johnny really seems to rally around his friends and always is careful not to upstage them when it is the friends “time” not his. He comes… he supports… he loves… They really broke the mold with him…. DAMMIT!!!!
Last month he was presenting the award to Keith Richards at the Scream Awards, few months before that he was supporting Tim at the ComiCon Event in Los Angeles.
I’m not sure if I have ever seen anyone go to the lengths he does for his friends, family and fans… his 3 F’s!
He seems to hold those three groups close to his heart and appreciates everyone and everything he has.
So many could take a page from his book that is a given.
Johnny Depp


~ by inadepptrance on November 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Everyone Needs a Friend Like Johnny Depp”

  1. And all of this just naturally gives him the edge to be People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, AGAIN! There is more to being a sexy person than looks. It’s what’s inside too. And he’s got it in spades!

  2. “There is more to being a sexy person than looks. It’s what’s inside too. And he’s got it in spades!” Very well said, Laurie! What is inside it’s probably more important than how we look outside.

  3. i love to be his friend

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