We Are In A Black Hole With No Johnny Depp

The internet is quiet. Dammit!!! All the news having to do with Johnny is regurgitated crap. It’s the stuff that gets brought back out in quiet times, like weddings, bizarre projects, buying houses in all kinds of places.. When Johnny has his family time, time off.. or just doesn’t want to deal with the paparazzi.
To go to any of the Depp sites right now is like stepping into a dark closet… somewhere that there is lots of stuff you love but you just can’t see it to get your hands on it. Some sites are replaying the regurgitated information.. but most know it’s old.. and wrong.
I want Johnny to get time off.. he has been working so hard this past year and he has a pretty busy next couple of years coming up, much to our delight (knowing there will be new projects)
Then we have sites that are saying the will NEVER put another paparazzi picture on their site, well that is next to impossible. Talk about going overboard! We ban what we call “invasive paparazzi” which would be ANY picture taken 1. obviously without Johnny knowing he was being photographed 2. He is out with the family… “private time” 3. Any shots that look like they pissed him off, meaning that the photographers are encroaching into space they don’t belong. 4. ANY pictures of the kids.. 5. When he or family are eating.. just living their life
To totally eradicate all Paparazzi would be counter productive.. we want to put a stop to the car chase/10000mm lens/in their face/running over kind of papz.. the rude ones.. the ones that don’t care about anything except them “getting the shot”. Those are the ones that need to be stopped..
Problem with stopping all is that all professional photographers that take pictures of celebrities are called “paparazzi”. Photographers that take pics at the red carpet events are “paparazzi”. The entertainment industry has to have a certain amount of “exposure” to turn the wheels so everyone in the business can make a living.

Just like most of my blogs.. I will apologize now for the slight ranting…


~ by inadepptrance on September 2, 2009.

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