Invasive Johnny Depp Paparazzi Pictures Usage on Websites and Magazines

First of all….
NO I am not attacking all photojournalist’s.. I am not really attacking anyone.. just stating fact.
And YES.. “everyone has to make a living”.. but not at the expense of someone else..

Some changes are coming about which I think are some damn good ones.
When we started about a year and a half ago one of our goals were to not let any invasive paparazzi pictures be posted on our site. We have stuck to our guns.. There are no pictures of Johnny Depps kids on our site or any pic that appeared to be taken with a monster zoom lens at a place where Johnny was either vacationing with his family or doing something “normal” like eat. The celeb’s children are NOT in the business and didn’t choose to be in that position, never mind the creeps out there… Our members have been amazing keeping to that steadfast rule.

I am pleased to say that some of the other Depp sites are following suite and are now banning paparazzi photos of these types. The biggest objection we have, and it doesn’t just apply to Johnny, is that these celebrities have the right to some privacy just like the rest of us. Not all paparazzi is bad.. not all do the “get in your face” and “photo at any cost” kind of picture taking. Some are legit, and keep to the idea that celeb’s have rights too.. Yes.. they chose their profession.. yes.. they get payed buku bucks for what they do.. yes.. people want to “see” them.. But that doesn’t mean they are not entitled to some privacy with their kids or spouses or just being by themselves. They should be able to walk down a street.. go to a sporting event..take their kids to school… oh hell go to the movies without having a camera shoved in their face.. by either a fan or a paparazzi photographer. I realize it is a vicious circle with this subject because the tabloids and weekly chronicles will purchase these pics for an ungodly amount of money and the masses buy them up like there will never be another.

So don’t be all pissy and say we are picking on paparazzi and they are just doing their jobs.. well .. that is all the celeb’s are doing.. except these pictures are taken when they are not.. so technically they are “off the clock”

So there.. I digress.. Guess I will probably hear a few yell backs on this.. but so be it.. It is what it is!!

Maybe next time we will discuss “fans” and their behavior at times.. lol..

Off the soapbox.… for now!!


~ by inadepptrance on July 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “Invasive Johnny Depp Paparazzi Pictures Usage on Websites and Magazines”

  1. I am glad IADT has taken this stand. When I posted on other sites my displeasure with the elevated hysteria around him and my desire to see him be able to have a greater sense of peace and privacy, I was pretty much berated. But if you are a true fan, you’d want to honor his wishes and respect his sense of space. So bravo to IADT for having had this policy in place since the beginnng!!

  2. I’ve just created a post on my blog regarding which Johnny Depp movie’s are people’s favorite’s. I loved “Public Enemies”, but it was hardly his best movie…actually, I tend to think that some of the least seen movie’s he’s made are perhap’s some of his best…”The Libertine” come’s to mind. In any case, let me know what you think and if at all possible, post some link’s on my blog to some interesting Johnny Depp info…alway’s a fan of JD! Thank’s and PEACE!

  3. Here here. As a practicing journalist, I often wonder what sort of a field I’m entering when I see invasive photography, unwarranted information, all the works in Hollywood. It’s only fair that “celebrities” get what I like to call, “the mortal treatment” once in a while. If they want to eat out with their kids, and it’s a well known fact that they prefer not to have pictures taken at those times, it’s only fair that both photographers and fan sites should respect that.

    I’m glad other sites are jumping on the ‘Oh so obvious’ bandwagon finally. Great blog, Kimmy!

  4. Exactly! It’s one of the reason’s we started InADeppTrance was because there were too many of the “icky” pictures out there.. the kind that give you that feeling you’re looking at someone through a telescope when they think no one is watching…it’s not just Johnny that gets hounded.. some get it worse then others. Not just the incident that happened to Princess Di.. we have Orlando Bloom getting pursued and the paparazzi causing not just one car accident but two.. just with Orlando alone! They are relentless and they don’t care what they have to do to get that picture. They don’t care who it hurts.. or what happens as a result of their actions. It is the most disgusting thing. We all love our favorite celebs.. but we have to give them the ability to have a “life”. To go out with the family for dinner or take the kids to a park.. or the beach.. All the little things we take for granted, they can’t do. Just because they chose their profession they didn’t choose to give up all of their privacy and safety of themselves and their families, and we shouldn’t expect them to.
    I just hope that at some point soon something gets done about it. California at least is trying to make a change in the stalking laws.

  5. I agree with all that has been said in this blog post, as well as the comments after it. I would also include the professional autograph hounds under the veil of “Papparazzi”. They need to be curtailed as well. Too many of them are over zealous in their approach to get that celebrity autograph… You can see it so well in the videos taken at the LA premier of Public Enemies. People climbing over 20 people in front of them to get those PILES of pictures shoved in to Johnny’s face. Pushing and shoving from the back of the crowds so that children and others in the front are literally crushed into the barricades. That kind of behavior is completely uncalled for and unnecessary. I would like to challenge all fans of all celebrities to boycott this practice by NOT buying these autographed items from any source. If the demand disappears, then the need for the supply disappears. Same goes for the photographs. A boycott on invasive papparazzi behavior, in any form, is called for by all who are true fans of any celebrity. Write letters to the magazines and websites, kindly asking them to stop publishing these pictures. As much as we all like to see our favorite performers, athletes, and personalities, we must remember that they are people, just like you and me. They are someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, Father, Mother. They want to go on picnics with the kids, go shopping at Walmart, hit the local McDonalds, etc. Just everyday stuff. But are unable to because the world of Celebrity has gotten out of control. Thank you to IADT for taking the stance of protecting the privacy of Johnny and his family from day one. I am proud to be a member here and support this policy wholeheartedly. I also say “Well done” to the other fansites in the community for taking on this policy. It is a good one. It is none of our business what these folks do when they are “off the clock”. Let’s leave them to their lives and go on with our own.

  6. To me, admiring someone (“fan”) means also caring for this person.
    Not just get, get, get — get as much as you can.
    But also give.
    That means, among other things, letting go on available paparazzi pictures sometimes.
    Even if other fansites don’t, even if magazines don’t, even if other people don’t.
    Someone has to start with it.
    I know that Johnny once said that “he and Vanessa were fair game” as he asked please not to make or use pictures of their children.
    But that doesn’t mean they enjoy to be hunted down by paparazzi, everywhere they go.
    Anyone who really cares steers away from that nasty game of greed and indifference.
    As much as possible.
    Not to look holy, or to attract attention from your admired one, no, no….
    But just because you decided for yourself, not to add to the pile of shit that greed indifference create in this world.

  7. I think I have figured out a solution to Disney!! We(IADT) shall escorts Johnny and his whole family around Disney for a day… or TWO!! If that is what he wants.. We will walk around the family .. and keep a******* from getting too close.. NO autographs.. no hugs.. no can I, Can I?? Not a single one. Figure it would take about 10 of us.. what do you think?
    Are you willing? I certainly am.. If Johnny, Vanessa, Lily-Rose, and Jack can have a day at Disney in relative peace.. I would do it in a heartbeat!!

  8. I’m with you… who gets to set this up?

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