Public Enemies is AWESOME!! I Went to a Special Screening Last Night

Poster for Public Enemies

Poster for Public Enemies

One of the many wallpapers I have created for this movie

One of the many wallpapers I have created for this movie

I got a ticket to an advanced screening of Public Enemies with Johnny Depp last night. Apparently they gave out 500+ tickets for it and only had maybe 200 seats? All I know is that there were a lot of people that didn’t get in if they didn’t have the actual ticket in their hand.
We got in about 20 people in and that was jumping about 40 that were on a “list” and didn’t have physical tickets. Talk about lucky for us!!

Another Wallpaper of Johnny Depp as Dillinger

Another Wallpaper of Johnny Depp as Dillinger

Got premo seats dead(no pun intended) center about 1/3 way up, the row right behind the “media”.
Was nice that the movie seemed to just start right off.. Not having to wait through a long list of opening credits. I am not going to give out any real information except that …… It was amazing!!! Shot in High Definition and a lot of hand camera shots really put you right in the middle of it. It reaches up and grabs you right off the bat! Lots of action, shooting, car chases.. and yes.. romance too..

Well done Johnny! If you don’t get an Oscar for this performance it would be a crime of colossal proportions that would pale in comparison with any robberies that John Dillinger commited.
Everyone in the film is wonderful,, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, Jason Clarke, Rory Cochrane, Billy Crudup and Stephen Dorff, and the rest of the cast!

If you have the opportunity to go see it.. you MUST!! And it’s one that at least the first time you see it, it should be in the theater to get the full effect.. Take my word for it!

I will see it at least another 6-7 times before it leaves the theater.. probably all in the first weekend!!
Would love to hear what you all think of it after it officially opens next Wednesday.


~ by inadepptrance on June 26, 2009.

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