NEW!!!! Pictures from Public Enemies Premiere in Chicago!!!

One of my creations.. Hope you like:

Thank God it’s almost here!!! Public Enemies will open in about a week and a half!!
This movie is going to be amazing. I have seen all the trailers and clips that have been released and I just get more excited about it finally getting here! Pictures from all over were flying in tonight and I have to say.. Johnny looks amazing.. is that a surprise to anyone? I think NOT! He looks like maybe he has been able to escape for a short vacation to refuel maybe at “Fuck Off Island”.. Now that’s a little bit of heaven on earth I would say.

If you go to the board you can see all the pictures from WireImage, Routers, GG.

I watched the HBO First Look special tonight and WOW!! Gives you a whole look at the behind the scenes stuff for PE.. We saw a lot of behind the scenes in Puerto Rico for Rum Diary and it’s fascinating. The amount of “takes” they do per scene or piece of a scene is astronomical to say the least. I love to see all that stuff as extra’s on the DVD’s when they come out. With bloopers of course.. those are priceless and Johnny’s will have you rolling on the floor laughing your ass off! Why everyone doesn’t put bloopers on the DVD’s I just don’t know..So Directors… producers.. listen up! More extra’s on DVD’s.. BLOOPERS!! Behind the scenes shots.. unused scenes.. GO FOR IT!! Everyone would be soooooo grateful.
Please bear with me.. as I have said in the past.. I am NOT the writer of the IADT group.. not in the least.. I just hope some ONE gets a giggle out of it.. or information.. so

Here are a few of the pics from the Public Enemies Premiere tonight.. so enjoy .. go to the website.. and see some more..
Thanks to WireImage for these pics

Thanks for coming!!LOL..

Had to add another one with our friend Jerry in it too…..

So “Hey Jerry!!..Lookin’ GOOOOD!”


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  1. Nice Post! Thanks!

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