Somewhat of an Update on Johnny Depp’s Goings on.. NSM


I know I haven’t been around for a while.. sorry. Personal shit.
But anyway, after the vacation of a lifetime and the trip of a lifetime what can compare?
So anywho… All this Johnny google alerts, got to be over 50 a day. Is he going to Cannes is he not going to Cannes.. Calling Johnny the “star” of Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.. I don’t believe that Johnny would like that one bit. It was Heath’s film, and Johnny, Colin, and Jude all jumped in to fill the spots and help Terry Gillium get the film done. None of them joined to be brought front and center. It’s Heath’s film.. guess they did it for a sort of ‘omage’ to Heath for Heath. Stupid press.. why can’t they actually get facts right?
So.. is Johnny going to Cannes? NO! He’s right in the middle of filming Rum Diary. Also as I said before Johnny, Jude and Colin didn’t do the film for themselves.. I can’t see them going and promoting it and getting the attention. That I just can’t see.. And seems a reason why.. it’s not gonna happen!! Duh!!
Then all the “new” projects he is supposedly doing! I swear it’s like a feeding frenzy with the press. One little tidbit somewhere.. doesn’t have to be verified.. they go with it like it was fact! And I think 80% is not..
Newest.. Johnny is in the front of the line for playing Frank Sinatra! Well.. personally if Johnny Depp is going to be in another singing movie.. I want HIM to sing!! We now know what an amazing voice he has and to have dubbed music would just be criminal! And a priest? A comic book priest? And then La Mancha possibly starting up again too!! They have been so busy! It’s going to take weeks or months to find out what is fact and what is fiction..

What do you think? You think the internet propetuates bad information? HAHAHA!! Of course it does!!!

I for one will be glad we he comes out of hiding again.. what? Do I need to make another trip down to Puerto Rico and get some more gorgeous pics?
I will definitely take one for the team!!

Anybody want to pay for my trip?



~ by inadepptrance on May 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Somewhat of an Update on Johnny Depp’s Goings on.. NSM”

  1. Hey, as soon as the Lottery comes through I’ll pay your way AND mine! You’re not going without me this time! 😉

  2. I will pay if I can come along. I will carry the extra lenses.

    And I agree 100% about what you are saying. Johnny has no ego about him. Not sure how he handles himself as he does, but, as we know, he is a master at fame, humility and fans and should give other celebrities lessons.

    But I am convinced he would want the spotlight to be on Heath’s last performance and would not want the attention to be focused on his performance in this film. I am sure he’d be quite uncomfortable with that. That wasn’t his aim or motive in stepping into the role. He did it so that the film could be completed and it could be a showcase for Heath’s last role.

    And besides that, I am glad he is not having to rush to Cannes in the middle of filming. Good God, the man needs a break.

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