Trip to Rum Diary Puerto Rico and meeting Johnny Depp continued

So here the story continues from my last blog .. now where did I leave off?

Oh yes.. after our encounter on the street and our near giggling ourselves silly (er)

Well next day filming started late.. like 3pm.. so we meandered on down to the location via taxi.. we got there a bit early.. went to have lunch and came back and sat down on the sidewalk and watched them all setting everything up.

The San Juan Star van

The San Juan Star van

Johnny's Taxi getting delivered

Johnny's Taxi getting delivered

Vintage cars arriving being driven or on flatbed trucks, building fake walls to hide buildings that “don’t belong”. The crew was so nice to us everyday.. on this day once again.. they were great, gave us water (it was 90degree’s easily) and kept an eye on us which was just so sweet. Johnny showed up on site about 4:30 or so and they shifted us to the corners of the next block while they were working. At first it was a pretty good spot.. then the crowds started to arrive.. first some workers from the nearby buildings trying to just wander into the “set” and get that Johnny Depp’s autograph or a closeup picture!! All I was thinking was in friggin credible!!! The nerve and gall of some people!! Just run through the tape… go past the security guys and act like you don’t know what you are doing!! OMG!!
Then the school kids arrived, about high school age, boys and girls. Lot’s of screaming and yelling and pushing.. and the piesta resistance’ was the 3 scum paparazzi that showed up..
Turning the tables

Turning the tables

I .. turned the tables on them..I pointed my camera at them and snapped a couple of pics.. needless to say.. one was none to happy.. Golly gee wiz.. HOW DID THAT FEEL??
HAHA!! Papz getting a little taste.. don't think he was happy.. do you?

HAHA!! Papz getting a little taste.. don't think he was happy.. do you?

So on with the event.. even though we were not really happy with our surroundings we settled in and I got some pictures of Johnny riding the motorcycle in and out of the “newspaper” office over and over.. Looked like he was having fun!
Johnny coming out of garage on bike!! What a blast!

Johnny coming out of garage on bike!! What a blast!

Anyone says Jerry doesn't earn his paycheck is NUTS!!! Look at him go!

Anyone says Jerry doesn't earn his paycheck is NUTS!!! Look at him go!

Waiting for next shot..

Waiting for next shot..

Next he took to the taxi cab.. what a cool car!!
couldn't help it.. another of Johnny!!

couldn't help it.. another of Johnny!! for the taxi
Johnny in the taxi for rehearsal

Johnny in the taxi for rehearsal

Well now after doing the rehearsals for a while.. they broke for dinner.. Had to wait till dark to shoot, they were all night shots.
So they took off for dinner and so did we, we went down the street and had dinner and waited till dark.
When we got back down the street everything was in full production, so we made our way to the opposite corner closer to the action thanks to one of our new friends and we settled in. Now keep in mind that when they are shooting a movie you can’t use your flash.. for any reason. So with flash off and the motion setting I kept my fingers crossed and hoped to get Johnny “the Fidgit King” to sit still enough between shots for me to get some decent pictures for all my girls back home hoping for Johnny pics!
Well.. I think I got some good ones.

WAIT!! couldn't leave that one out!!

WAIT!! couldn't leave that one out!!

We are beginning

We are beginning

Between shots

Between shots

there he is!

there he is!

So lots of action to watch.. and after this location they were heading off to another a few miles down the road!! RIght now it’s about 10pm! Once that set had wrapped it looked like Johnny was going to do a small “meet and greet”, there were only about 30 people hanging out then.. So everyone moved over to the other side of the road and lined up.. I “WAS” in the front for about 15 seconds! Then I was 3 back.. ugh!! We can’t have this.. I had my bag with all the goodies in my hands and I wasn’t going to get shut out.. He had to get it and get it tonight.. so.. everyone was lined up starting at the back of one of the vans that takes the extra’s and crew around.. and went back from there about 30ft.. I wasn’t hearing it.. I said to Christine “come on!” and i went around the backside of the van heading to the front hoping that I would be at the end of the line when Johnny got there. I turned around expecting Christine to be there and she wasn’t. But Johnny was just getting into the SUV!! DAMN!!! I yelled”Johnny remember last night?”!!! (whoops!! didn’t even realize I said that) He looked up and smiled and laughed. Came back down and I walked towards him and he put out his arms and hugged me and said thank you.. I handed him the bag and he hugged me again! I then somehow blurted out what I could about the Tee and the other goodies in the bag.. He hugged me again and said thank you sweetie .. (or as memory serves me!! LOL.. anyone that knows parts seem like a fog.. a very beautiful fog but a fog!!) and he took the bag and hopped into the SUV and POOF! He was gone!
But we knew where he went.. mmmmwaaaahaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa!!!
Just kidding..
He and the rest of the crew were heading to the second location. We called a taxi and headed down after one of the PA’s gave us the exact location to tell the Cabbie. We were taken down the streets of San Juan in some very sparse looking area’s of the city and into a small community. The driver took us right up to the film crew and dropped us off. After he left one of the crew told us.. They won’t come back in here! It’s a bad area and they don’t usually drive in here at all!! OH CRAP! We were in a pickle!
Well danger be damned!! This was Johnny filming and we had to stay and watch.. no if’s and’s or but’s.. so we did..
It was great, really cool to see the amount of time and detail that is put in movies. After about what seemed like 300 takes and shots.. Johnny made a blooper!! It was hysterical!! Said the wrong word.. and afterwards we heard “Well ya got it on tape!” and the crew exploded in laughter! Nice way for the long evening to end.. everyone laughing..
As far as getting out.. we did.. safe and sound.. One of the crew found someone to get us out..safely.. thank God..
So safe and sound we were.. and this ends.. phase 2!!!

Hope you are enjoying..

Go to the site to see all the pictures: InADeppTrance


~ by inadepptrance on April 20, 2009.

9 Responses to “Trip to Rum Diary Puerto Rico and meeting Johnny Depp continued”

  1. […] Thanks very much for the photos to InADeppTrance, you can read the amazing chronicle of their trip to San Juan here. […]

  2. Ola! que bueno ke lo conociste yo tambien soy muy fanatica de el y me gustaria saber donde va a estar ubicado las proximas semanas … quiero verlo una vez mas antes que se valla de Puerto Rico…

    added translation: Thanks Virna

    Ola! que bueno ke knows I am the most fanatic and I like to know where it will be located the next few weeks … I see him once more before you go to Puerto Rico …

  3. Love your blog!!! The photos are fantastic and I loved your report. Will keep checking your blog for more info about the greatest actor of our times.

  4. OMG I didn’t realize you were in Puerto Rico how wonderful. I have often wondered what happened to our t-shirt and you gave it to him…how unbelieveable. You lucky lucky person. I didn’t see the first of your blog I will find it. Billie

  5. OMG…I’m so giddy for you! Oh how I wish I was there with you guys! I totally feel your excitement as I read your blog. MY GOSH I wish I was in your shoes…. you have no idea how many dreams you are living right now! What a sweet and gorgeous man! Have fun and keep the pics and stories coming ladies!
    Texas Gal

  6. Can’t get enough of the story!
    And the pics!
    Wonderful, Kim!

  7. thank you!
    with love from a depp fan in INDIA

  8. This is some great stuff, thanks for posting and sharing. I know what you mean about the gull of some people trying to get close to Johnny without any consideration whatsoever for the people who have been waiting to see him for long periods of time, trust me, I really know what you mean, the same thing happened with me when I went to old San Juan to see him the first time, the shouting, shoving and pushing from all the high school kids who would show up outside the set, but lucky for me I got the chance to shake his hand, see him face to face and take a photo with him when when he was shooting on location in Vega Baja, PR. Am happy for all of you that Johnny loved ur tee, I can just imagine his expression on his face, he is such a doll, so sweet and polite…Ahhh, there’s absolutely no one else like our JOHNNY!

  9. Hi,

    Great blog. I was also in Puerto Rico this week and had no idea he was there. I saw the crew packing up and thought it was just a band or something. Anyhoo I overheard someone say it was Johnny so followed the black SUV, but he was gone. I then found the next spot where they were due to film and waited. I really thought he was not going to return so went off and had dinner, on my return he passed in the car with windows open and I saw him up close. All I could think to say was Hi. But he replied and I was so pleased. He made eye contact, and was very gracious and gorgeous. I’m now big JD fan – always

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