InADeppTrance In Puerto Rico while Johnny is Filming Rum Diary!!

We made it!! We packed our bags and got on a plane and we have made it to Puerto Rico!!
Johnny took off for Easter with the family so we spent time seeing the sights and taking pics of the period cars that they are using in the film.
Then yesterday we hit paydirt! We are staying a block away from where all the filming this week is going to be!!! How amazing is that? So yesterday we spent the day watching Johnny filming a “chase scene” and up and down the road he went in this little fiat where he was sitting on someone’s lap to drive. Poor dear was all bloody in makeup.. very sad.. (NSM-movie stuff ya know?)
We have been talking to lots of those on the crew and they all have been great. Have explained about the project FAN TEE C.. and that the Tee is finished and needs to get into Johnny’s hands.. So.. Some are trying to help us get this done.
I am in the process of posting or at least getting the pics up on Photobucket but so far it is over 2700 pics and the internet here is SLOOOOOOOWWWWW!! I have gotten about 200 up in photobucket and the link is at our forum or you can get there from the main page at
And to top things off tonight.. as he was leaving the set driving away.. he reached out and took my hand!! I think I have died and gone to heaven.. and then some.. And we haven’t even given him the tee!!! AHHHHHH!

Johnny Depp Chillin on set of Rum Diary

Johnny Depp Chillin on set of Rum Diary

Johnny Depp hanging out

Johnny Depp hanging out


~ by inadepptrance on April 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “InADeppTrance In Puerto Rico while Johnny is Filming Rum Diary!!”

  1. It’s all so sureal! I’m so excited for you!!! Keep the pictures coming and keep making friends with the crew! They are the greatest!

  2. Wow, im soo jealous of you!!! That’s amazin’ that you got to go down there to watch them film!!! Ahh, sweetness, i went up to Columbus, WI, to see Depp film Public Enemies. It was a car chase scene which was sweet, cause we got to watch him go back and forth!!! HE TOUCHED YOUR HAND!!!!! OMG im soo frickin’ jealous, i would have died, or tried to jump into the car, hehe! Wow, id wear a glove on that hand for the rest of my life!!!

    • Yeah.. read them all.. touched my hand … TWICE!!! Then had the encounter on the street.. and then 3 hugs from him when I gave him the bag with the Tee and everything.. And.. NO I haven’t washed the Tee that I was wearing when he hugged me!!
      All I can say .. after the first touch.. I felt a peace.. I just knew it wouldn’t be the last time.. and I just felt… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. you understand of course..
      I wouldn’t advise jumping in the SUV.. Jerry would toss you out faster then you can say “JOHNNY”
      hahaha.. Calm .. repectful.. and after it is done.. then go nuts!!LOL

  3. Hi Kim! Woooooow, you got to see him in a chase scene? That’s way cool. Not to mention having Johnny touch your hand!! He looks so good in your pics, but then again when does he ever take a bad picture?! I got to touch my fave actor Gerard Butler’s hand once but it’s only for a brief second, nothing like what you experienced!

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