Brand New Second Trailer for Public Enemies! Johnny Depp and Christian Bale

Thank goodness that Michael Mann heard us screaming, otherwise we might have had to wait longer for a 2nd trailer. I have got to say this one is amazing.. I think I have already watched it 40 times already and I have only been home since early evening. I absofrigginlutely can’t wait for this movie to come out!! I mean really! If Johnny Depp doesn’t get an Oscar for this (he was totally ripped for Sweeney) the Oscars can officially be deemed the most crooked awards show in history! I think DDL is a good actor.. but I watched “There Will Be Blood” a few months ago.. I fell asleep! Honestly I felt like he so over acted.. it was over the top. The reason I waited so long to see that movie was I didn’t want my disappointment from Johnny and Sweeney being snubbed to over shadow the movie and I wanted to give it a fair shot. Well my opinion is .. it/he didn’t deserve it for that movie.. maybe another movie but not that one.
So, this better be Johnny’s year, not like it’s the most important thing to him.. I don’t think it is. But those of us that have such admiration and respect for him and his talent want it for him. So that is my thoughts.. sorry like I have said before I tend to ramble on.
Well I am off to Puerto Rico tomorrow with the hopes of seeing/meeting Johnny in person while he is filming Hunter Thompson’s Rum Diary! I have never met him before, and honestly hoped but never thought it would come to fruition. I am so excited to be going, some friends from the site are going too. We plan on presenting him with the FanTeeC Tee shirt that we have sent around the world over the last year and some 30,000 miles!! We also are taking several other items for him and others.. like Jerry, who takes such amazing care of our favorite guy. Jerry Judge is amazing..
Everyone signed it with a short note to Johnny. This week will be a really nice conclusion to the “travels of the Tee” I just wish all the people that signed it could have all come to present it to him.
Well without further adue… the second trailer for Public Enemies starring.. yes.. Johnny Depp.


~ by inadepptrance on April 10, 2009.

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