Public Enemies Trailer Finally Arrives!!!

Finally the long awaited first real trailer for Michael Mann’sPublic Enemies has arrived and to say there are millions that are on cloud nine today would be an understatement I believe. It is so funny how new Johnny Depp pictures or video clips come out and all the JDOCD‘ers are clammering to get to websites just to get a peek! We have the screen shots on InADeppTrance’s message board too thanks to Universal Studios release of the trailer and IMDB message board from Ilovetfx2. Been busy cropping and enlarging all of those.. 72 lovely new pics of Johnny.
The trailer is amazing, and just makes us want more more more… I would be willing to bet that the internet takes a huge hit whenever one of Johnny’s movies lets a little tidbit out. You want to boost your webpage’s hits…just put Johnny Depp’s name in anything! Here are some crops I have done from the screen shots.. “drool factor” over the top! Might want to sit before venturing in…


John Dillinger aka..Johnny

John Dillinger aka..Johnny

The "stare"!!! Seriously

Here is the trailer

Great new website up too!!! Niceeeeeeee!

~ by inadepptrance on March 5, 2009.

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