Finally the First Official Public Enemies Poster

It’s all moving along now!! New poster of Johnny Depp in Public Enemies

Well it has finally hit the web!! A brand new gorgeous official poster of Johnny Depp in Public Enemies!!!.. an official poster released today.. and may I just say?? Amazing.. incredible.. mind blowing… fantastic! Not sure how long the list would be..if I went on..but a descriptive one I am sure. Yes it’s true, the ball is starting to roll yet moving slowly.. how long is Michael Mann going to drag this out?

Rumor is that there will be a trailer on ET tonight.. which I will hopefully be able to post here later.. but here is that beautiful amazing poster!!  First official one.. I have made several of my own.. but never posted.. tons of wallpapers.. a couple I will show thumbnails of below..

Nice subject to work on

So here is the poster.. what do you think?  You likey?
Courtesy of


Now we only have till July 1st to wait for the movie.. Hopefully lots and lots more posters.. and trailers to come.  Hurry Michael Mann .. keep ’em comin’!!

Here are a couple of my wallpapers that I did.. Hope you like em’.



~ by inadepptrance on March 3, 2009.

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