New Pictures of Johnny

Let me ask you… Does this man ever take a “bad” picture? The camera just loves him.. it’s like it just wraps itself around him and makes him shimmer.. that’s it.. he’s a knight in shimmering armor. Do I care that I can’t find one decent picture of myself to post on facebook and a camera just points his way and “poof” another beaut of a picture!! I would rather see pictures of Johnny Depp any day!! I am thrilled we have some new shots of him in Paris 3 days ago..

He and his love Vanessa Paradis apparently had dinner and went to see Vanessa’s sister Alyson in The Vagina Monologues.. I love that they can go off and have a nice romantic dinner and go to the theater.. I hope they weren’t bombarded and had a sweet evening out together..
Since these pics don’t look like someone was pissing him off and he was just taking the photohog’s in stride.. here are the gorgeous pics from the other day!!

What a really really sweet little brasserie. How romantic is this man? Pretty F***in’ wonderful.. Vanessa is a very lucky lady..


~ by inadepptrance on February 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “New Pictures of Johnny”

  1. name is mehran…nice to meet you…i love johnny depp &i have a website for johnny depp…bye

  2. Nice to meet you Mehran! Just spreadin’ the love for the man like you. Come join us

  3. Johnny Depp is GORGEOUS in any shot, any pose, any interview, movie…I LOVE him!!!

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