First “Sort Of” Trailer of Public Enemies

Last night at the end of the Oscars.. and the end of 4 hours of pomp and circumstance…..

came what we all had been waiting for for months!! We finally saw something, close (but not) a trailer for Michael Mann’s Public Enemies. There was a montage’ of all the films coming out this year.. the year 2009. We finally saw a tiny little piece of the film we watched almost on a daily basis being filmed. It’s a rare thing that you can watch a film being constructed and molded day by day! What a treat!
I only hope that Puerto Rico and Rum Diary is that open.. but less people..
I absolutely can not wait for Public Enemies to hit the theaters it is going to be an amazing movie, I have no doubts. Don’t feel like I am alone in this feeling either.
And how about all the hullaballo from Illinois and Wisconsin screaming about how the tax breaks that the movie got for filming there were spent on .. Johnny’s driver?? Assistants?? Yeah like Johnny is the only one in the film that had a driver.. or an assistant..
And when you make rules.. or give tax breaks.. and you want to somehow regulate how they spend “said” money… you better put it in writing and not spend all your time bitching after the fact about “how the money was spent”!! Unbelievable! Typical government… let’s hope the times they are a changin’..

Ok.. me on my soap box again!!! Sorry!!!

So if you want to watch the video clip too..


~ by inadepptrance on February 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “First “Sort Of” Trailer of Public Enemies”

  1. So, do you think we could get a trailer this weekend? PLEASE!!!!!!!????????

    • A trailer would be wonderful.. but don’t know why Michael Mann is taking so damn long getting one to us..
      He knows our anticipation and he is counting on it!!
      Public Enemies is going to be amazing!
      We have Rango, Public Enemies, Alice in Wonderland, Rum Diary.. WOW!! Johnny Depp has been a very busy man.
      Someone (not someone who actually knows) might think he would be saturated into the industry for the next few years.. A smart person would know.. it’s never enough!!!

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