Where is Johnny Depp??

Ok.. I know this has probably been asked a lot lately but “where is he??”  He popped his head out for about 5 min last week for the Golden Globes.. and don’t get me wrong we appreciated it beyond belief!!  Just a short new glimpse of him satifys momentarily.. but boy when you see him you just sit in wonder….. and you think..”oh, I’m ok now”.. and then.. .you want more!! 

You have heard the phrase from Lay’s Potato Chips?? “Betcha can’t eat just one!!” .. Well concerning Johnny one peak just isn’t enough.. 5 min isn’t enough, it’s a teaser!!  What a dilemma!! What can we do?

We were so spoiled during the filming of Public Enemies having hundreds of new pictures everyday! And videos too.  Then that long long, long, long ass lull until the Golden Globes.  Some things in life just aren’t fair..

Now don’t get me wrong… we all want him to be having a great time where ever he is, and spending quality time with the ones he loves, but he needs to stick his head out a bit more often!!!  

And some have thought that this thing we call JDOCD only hits us “little people” .  Well I would have to say that would be 100% wrong!! HAHA!! We have heard over the years from some of his co-stars and friends, and to us.. it’s just something that naturally occurs in this world when they are introduced to either Johnny in the flesh (hmmm) or have red more about him or just had an epiphany after watching one of his movies.  Because of the person he is.. that actor he is…  he draws you in.. and then.. YOU’RE HOOKED!!! You are a goner!

Funny thing is.. lookie here.  Anne Hathaway has  been totally hit by JDOCD in a major way!!(are we really surprised?) 

So funny, she has just joined the long list of people who have found out what an incredible person Johnny is.  How real he is.  Below an excerpt from an article/interview from Anne Hathaway.  It’s too funny when we hear someone who has been newly bitten by the JDOCD bug!!

With her Oscar nomination, the former teen star Anne Hathaway has secured her place among Hollywood’s serious actresses. She talks to Will Lawrence about her career’s darker new direction.

“If Johnny Depp has a twin brother, send him over,” laughs Anne Hathaway. “I’ll marry that guy right away.” The 26-year-old star of The Devil Wears Prada has just finished working with Depp on the director Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, in which she plays the White Queen.

“Honestly, Johnny’s everything you’d want him to be, and more, while Tim is one of my favourite filmmakers. He has been since I started watching his films as a child. Working with him on a fairy tale is like being invited into this sandbox to play around.”

Hathaway, of course, already has experience in the fairytale world.

She broke through as the teenage star of The Princess Diaries in 2000, before appearing in 2004’s Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries 2 and then lending her voice to the animated Little Red Riding Hood adaptation Hoodwinked (2005).

This time, however, she’s starring in a Tim Burton production – and playing in Burton’s sandbox means journeying into the macabre.

“With Helena Bonham Carter, Tim and Johnny, everyone is so mad, and yet because of the atmosphere, no one thinks that they’re insane,” continues Hathaway.

“You can be totally angry one second and then totally happy another second, and you can be delightful and murderous at the same time. I know that doesn’t make much sense now, but you’ll see the film and understand.

Indeed, when it comes to her career, Hathaway seems to be steering a course towards murkier, more turbulent waters. This month, she appears on screen in two very different films – the catfight comedy Bride Wars, and the more serious, drama Rachel Getting Married, for which she has earned a Golden Globe nomination and an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

In both movies, her characters indulge the tumultuous, maybe even destructive, side of their nature.

“Am I the good girl gone bad? Maybe,” she smiles. “It’s funny, but I’d never really considered that people might regard me as a good girl, with things like The Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted. Maybe these new films will change that perception.”

“As my character figures out in Bride Wars, you need to know who you are as a woman before you go into something like that. Were I looking for a guy, I guess I’d look for honesty, compassion, kindness and a sense of fun. But I’m so far away from thinking about marriage.”

Unless, perhaps, Depp has a secret twin brother? “Oh yeah, of course,” she laughs. “That would change everything.”




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One Response to “Where is Johnny Depp??”

  1. I think I love her! He needs to have a triplet brother then, because, I MUST HAVE ONE TOO! My favorite line: “With Helena Bonham Carter, Tim and Johnny, everyone is so mad, and yet because of the atmosphere, no one thinks that they’re insane,” I want to be a fly on the wall of one of their sets!

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