A New Day… Tomorrow…

A New Day… 

Well I am sitting here trying to think of what to write.  I am at a stalemate, there are too many things running around in that big ol’e empty head. 

This is not a political site but I just finished watching a couple of speeches by Barack Obama and I am left with such a feeling of hope.. That maybe we have a chance..that something is going to change and change for the better I think. 

This seems to be a man that speaks from his heart and truly wants great things for this country and  the people of this country.  Truly inspiring.   For once in a long long time there is …. Hope… that in itself is awe inspiring.. 

This country is in such turmoil and the job in front of Obama is just staggering, but I feel like he is up for the challenge.  See…. HOPE..


~ by inadepptrance on January 17, 2009.

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