PAPARAZZI : The Enemy Ship

PAPARAZZI : The Enemy Ship

by Jackie

So for the last four months or so none of us have given a second thought to the paparazzi sneaking photos of Johnny and his co-stars, on set, off set, at restaurants, in trailers, all over the place. Where Johnny went, so did the cameras follow. Ever so elegantly I might add. But, how ironic is it, that the second Johnny steps off of his plane in France (the place he used to consider a perfect hermit cave for him and the family), is he verbally attacked by the phototogs, as well as given grief over the cameras being too close and too hasty with his kids? It’s rather a strange world isn’t it? France never used to be celebrity obsessed, they never used to care if Sean Penn sipped coffee on the street. But now, with the expectancy of the two most sickly desired children in the world, everyone within a sixty mile radius of Angelina Jolie’s belly suffers. And yes, sadly this includes our Fedora wearing, hippie star Johnny.The man who once had it made in the shade of the Parisian maples, a safety route for his children through the streets of his quiet French countryside, has now been hit with the insulting camera shutterbug. And worst of all, it seems Hollywood hasn’t learned from their previous Depp Lessons.

Apparently a 2×4 and an angry, soon to be dad, doesn’t affect the minds of the paparazzi as we all had hoped so desperatley. Because here we are, nearly 10 years later, watching it all round about. Only this time, there are walking, talking children to protect. The finger was all too mannerly for what happened to the Depp/Paradis family while landing in Nice, France last week. Most of us would have rather enjoyed seeing some wood in the photos as well, but sadly, the airport security knows better than to let these kinds of toys lay around.

I guess the ultimate last word here is why? I mean, I understand that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have every right in the world to give birth to their children in France, or Italy, or wherever else meets their fancy. But when the children are being auctioned off like cattle before the mother has even hit proper dialation, something is seriously wrong. Millions of dollars have been waged for months now, and with the birth finally being revealed, paid off, snapped and collected for magazines worldwide, it is the everyday, yearly inhabitants of the small French towns who suffer the most. They are the ones who have to live with their buinesses being hoarded, raided, staked out daily. And then there are the celebrity citizens, ones who are established in the communities, and use the countryside or even Paris as an outlet of privacy, as a home, not a paparazzi circus. These are the people who ultimatley have to result to using finger gestures to protect their children. So enough out of me on the subject, come on Deppheads, lets hear the roars of the Maverick jungle??


~ by inadepptrance on January 1, 2009.

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