Well a little over a year ago 3 of us that first met on a Johnny fan site  were watching Johnny Depp movies late into the night and chatting together on IM, we came up with some idea’s.  First came up with all kinds of different projects all based with Johnny in mind. Then “brilliant”!!! Lets start a website ourselves!! So InADeppTrance© was born! Where anyone who has the same love and respect for Johnny and what he does can come and feel safe to say how they feel (being respectful) and what they are thinking without feeling like someone will verbally attack them for it.  Also most of all a place that no invasive paparazzi photos allowed.. Anything that is an invasion of his privacy or his families..  We being  just a fledgling of a site have tried and I think succeeded in doing this feat.

We have created a project called Operation Fan Tee C ©.. which if you go to the site you can get an idea..

We plan on some other big projects for next year once the Tee project has completed..

So.. Epiphany… that’s what we had..Jackie, Amanda and myself  one night at about 3am est.. three of our “idea’s” came about… and so far seem pretty successful.

Here I am sitting watching Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl is on TV and I remember looking at the “perfectly wonderful” Johnny am convinced we are on the right track!!

So blah blah blah.. just a bit of blithering..


~ by inadepptrance on December 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Epiphany”

  1. So glad you three had this Epiphany!!! Where would I be without you today?

  2. Yes…thank god we’re not still at the other place. You guys are the best for creating this place!

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